Hem » A song about my three sons and myself (SKULL)

A song about my three sons and myself (SKULL)

The work A song about my three sons and myself (SKULL) consists of three different parts.
1. The outer shape, a human skull home made from birch plywood, glue and masking tape. A recurring symbol of vanity, but to me also a symbol of humanity. The execution speaks of a intense desire to build, to construct, something that our species seems constantly occupied with.
2. Behind the eye holes is the Control Room. My three sons with the screen light reflected on their faces. On the second screen myself – masked, perplexed, on the run in the exhibition space.
3. Behind the Control Room is another room, which ends with a view of a kind of synthetic nature. The tree is motionless in eternal journey between dawn and dusk through the endless blending of colors.

The title hints at how my favorite songs affect me – small, often melancholic stories that can grow into something bigger, where it feels easy to fantasize and associate. This sculpture is a song that I’ve been humming for a long time.

About the exhibition: